Fashion’s ultimate insult to women?

I’ve been handing out this article to my students to read and discuss in relation to a lecture I give on culture, fashion and the body and how these things connects to identity and our views on sex, gender and sexuality. The title “Fashion’s ultimate insult to women: The latest way of demeaning real women is a male model dressed as a girl” pretty much sums up the female authors’ view that when women aren’t good enough as women anymore and designers rather choose men to pose as women, then something has gone terribly wrong. Regardless of what one thinks about the opinions expressed in the article, it’s interesting to discuss because it captures our cultural anxiety when it comes to ambiguity around sex and gender very well.

Images of the Australian model Andrej Pejic, whom according to the author of the article referred to above embodies fashions dream woman; a female face on a male body.