For a couple of months now me and my colleagues PhD candidate Ulrika Kyaga and Assistant Professor and head of Studies Paula von Wachenfeldt have been working on the organisation of hosting this years Global Fashion Conference in Stockholm on October 20th-21st. The conference is a collaboration between Stockholm University in Sweden, Institut Français de la Mode in France and Universidade Lusíada do Porto in Portugal.

We are now thrilled to be able to announce the title of the 2016 edition: “Tradition and Innovation: Challenges for Fashion and Luxury in the 21st Century.” The intent is to create an international discussion forum for academics and practitioners on the topics of fashion, luxury, technology, sustainability and Stockholm as Nordic fashion tech capital. In order to do so we have chosen not only to accept academic papers but to open up for practitioners and the public to come as well.

For more information please visit the Global Fashion 2016 website, or Instagram gfc2016.

Image: Pexels by Snapwire