Graffiti and the Established Art Scene

Street Art NYC October 2012

Street Art NYC, October 2012

Graffiti NYC October 2012

Graffiti NYC, October 2012

Just landed in my flat after an evening spent at Bonniers Konsthall, listening to a conversation about graffiti as inspiration for artists working in the institutional art scene, and what happens with the characteristic expressions of graffiti when there is a change of context from the street to a gallery. Participating in the conversation were Jacob Kimvall, art historian at Stockholm University and gallery owners Jonas Kleerup and Jeanette Steinsland, as representatives of a new generation of street art inspired artists.

I really like the work of Jacob Kimvall, author of Zero Tolerance – The fight against graffiti, and how he manages the often-difficult balance of combining his research with taking a political and societal stance. The basic issue in the debate, the relationship between underground movements and street art versus established artists working in the institutional art scene, is always current and ongoing. Although not at home in the world of graffiti at all, I saw many parallels to fashion. Especially the relevance of time and spatiality, and ideas about the relationship between the notions of the mainstream and the subcultural.